Modernize your organization
for exams and tests

Help your students progress through your assessments

Accelerate all your data
collection and analysis

Demand more
from your assessments

Digital solutions for educational testing

High stakes examinations

Online marking of paper-based exams
Enhanced security and streamlined logistics
Real-time information and tools for monitoring
Reduction of time, effort and costs

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Assessments for learning

Online and collaborative item banks
Paper-based and digital testing
Automatic and assisted test scoring
Personalized feedback for students

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Software for capturing
handwritten information

Capture of data from paper-based forms

Processing of both paper
and digital questionnaires              
Document scanning using
hand-print recognition                  
Export and analysis of
data and statistics                     

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NEOPTEC in brief


Expertise: digital technologies for educational testing and document processing

Customers: educators, testing services and data-collection professionals in government agencies, exam bodies, universities, schools, hospitals, research institutions and businesses

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